Natural Flow

The Audible Collective Delivers In The Hypnotic “Natural Flow” (Review & Stream)


I am under The Audible Collective’s spell, and I have no interest in getting out of it.

Making music is in The Audible Collective’s bloodstream — he said it himself, and you can definitely tell when you listen to a tune by him. It feels like everything he treats listeners to is done with precision, letting me know that he has a great ear for music and probably focuses on mastering his craft as much as he can. In his latest release, “Natural Flow,” you get to hear some of that precision, and trust me, you will agree with everything I said in this paragraph.

I am a huge fan of artists who make music that draws you into their world, and the Audible Collective did that here. From the moment you press play on “Natural Flow,” the listeners are forced into this somber place in which you are served with a chilling instrumental that features a smidge of bass, some hard-hitting drumming and chilling guitar-play. The Audible Collective matches the instrumental’s tone on his verses and the hook, approaching it with these soporific vocals and mind-numbing lyrical content revolving around finding ones self and choosing to never lose it again. All in all, I love how each aspect I mentioned up too compliment one another, and believe the message behind the song is a strong one.

Do me a favor: Check this and the other songs by The Audible Collective out HERE! It’s good stuff.



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