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Nu Covenant Make Sure You Feel The Power Of Jesus Christ In “The Most Interesting Man” (Review & Stream)

This is Gospel music at its finest.

In my opinion, Nu Covenant aren’t just gospel singers, they are talented musicians that have the vocals, bravado and passion to move you with any and every word they deliver to the listeners. In their newest single, “The Most Interesting Man,” they display every one of those skills over a truly captivating instrumental.

Believe it or not, I played this song in many different settings: I played it on my way to work, I played it while I was lifting weights, and I even played it while I was cleaning my car. In every setting I described to you, I needed some type of motivation/energy boost, and what they gave us on this song fed it to me. Seriously, how can you not get overwhelmed with emotion when you hear the group talk about their LORD and savior using the most intricate of words and piercing of vocals? How can you not feel extra appreciated by Jesus when the fellas dish out both melodies and harmonies that continuously takes its shots at your heart? It’s impossible.

If you need any kind of pick me up, smile or positivity in your life, make sure you listen to Nu Covenant’s powerful track HERE!



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