Jacquees Remixes Yet Another R&B Track In “Jaded” (Review & Stream)

At this point, Jacquees is a glorified Karaoke singer.

Jacquees is on a roll with these remixes to the R&B hits of today. In his latest episode, he flips Drake’s “Jaded” track from “Scorpion.

On “Jaded,” Jacquees uses the same mellow/laid-back feel Drake used on the original version of the song to explain to his peeved chick why the mistreatment towards him has to stop. I’m not the biggest fan of the track, mainly because he doesn’t have to display much talent on it, but at least he’s continuing a trend I like.

Did you hear about Ella Mai telling Jacquees that he needs to remove his version of “Trip?” Damn, that’s some crazy s**t.



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