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Maxwell Makes His Quiet Return With “Shame” (Review & Stream)

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This is the first single off of Maxwell’s upcoming “Night” album.

Every time Maxwell comes out, he is destined to at least be Grammy nominated. For this reason alone, fans of his should be ecstatic at the fact that he’s deciding to release a brand new album called “Night” really soon. The first single off of the project is “Shame,” and in my opinion, it features a version of the singer that combines both his old and new styles together. The song is nostalgically funky, but also has this modern day R&B vibe to it. As for our heroes vocals, they are pure, featuring some astute harmonizing and a melody to die for. In other words, with this heartfelt track, we are blessed to get classic Maxwell.

Welp, it looks like I have to start hiding my chick from the radio again.



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