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KING Pablo Keeps It 100 On “Blood On My Hands” (Review & Stream)


Yep, that looks like real blood there, folks!

You know what I love about KING Pablo’s artistry? He raps tough, but can also harmonize with the best of them. This approach serves well whenever he decides to make a passionate song. In “Blood On My Hands,” the Denton, TX native’s latest single, he shows off these skills, blessing us with this passionate banger that has him delivering this dope ass melody and powerful lyrics revolving around being a real one/not the one to f**k with most of the time. I love how he navigates his way through the exhilarating instrumental he was served with great confidence, making you feel each and every word he spews.

With years of experience singing, writing and producing, KING Pablo has shown that he’s more than your average hip hop artist. Be sure to check out “Blood On My Hands,” and don’t hesitate to listen to his other music on all the major streaming services!



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