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Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (Soundtrack Review)

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Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse ends the year of the soundtrack off with a bang!





“Scared of the Dark” has this sacred-feel to it on the instrumental, which means you get motivated versions of featured guests XXXTENTACION, Lil Wayne and Ty Dolla $ign on it.

On the hook to “Scared of the Dark” is where Ty does his thing, gifting us with this soulful performance, while Wayne delivers a verse that is clean, braggadocios and pretty courageous. To close things out, listeners get a chance to hear both a gritty and passionate version of X — one in which he gets a chance to spill his guts out about awarding his down ass chick for being loyal to him. What I love most about all three of the featured artists’ contributions on this song is that they are each completely different from one another, making for what I would call a true collaboration.

It’s funny how XXXTENTACION’s vocals keep getting plugged into songs that he would never make.




I feel like Thutmose’s performance on “Memories” was flawless! First and foremost, his ability to blur the line between harmonizing and dropping tough bars was impressive. Secondly, I feel like the passion he showed throughout the song was captivating, especially on his verses, as he pieced his words about doing his best to satisfy this particular lover of his masterfully. When you add the radiant Diwali Riddim you get on the instrumental to the fray, by-golly, you have yourself a hit!




“Invincible” features Aminè, however, not just any Aminè, a version of Aminè that is willing to croon with the best of them and gift us with something we can two-step to.

Much like “Sunflower,” “Invincible” gives off this timeless feel, featuring a vintage instrumental, a melody to die for, and many words of wisdom from Aminè on his rap verses. On first listen, it may not catch your attention, but as you continue to play throughout the week, I guarantee it will end up in your late-night/chill playlist.

Music is supposed to make you feel good like “Invincible” does.




With this soundtrack boasting features from Lil Wayne, Post Malone, Swae Lee, Nicki Minaj, XXXTENTACION, Ty Dolla $ign and Vince Staples, one of my favorite songs on it comes from Black Caviar and Blackway.

I am really big on how music projects open up, and in my opinion, it doesn’t get any better than opening up with “What’s Up Danger!” On it, Black Caviar and Blackway were able to deliver this grungy/inspirational record that features some outstanding rapping, lots of energy, and a soulfulness to it that is practically impossible to ignore. With Spiderman: Into The Spidey Verse already giving off this underdog vibe, I feel this track is the perfect theme song for the film.



On the real, “Sunflower” is one of the most beautiful records I heard this year. It has this timeless feel to it production-wise that reminds me of some s**t Lionel Ritchie would croon over, while the singing you get from both of our heroes is smoother than Devin Booker’s shooting form. I also love the melody that both Post and Swae utilize throughout, and admire their willingness to sing fearlessly.

Believe it or not, Swae Lee and Post Malone are our generation’s go-to R&B singers.



2. SUNFLOWER (5/5)

3. WAY UP (4/5)

4. FAMILIA (3.5/5)


6. START A RIOT (4/5)

7. HIDE (4/5)

8. MEMORIES (5/5)

9. SAVE THE DAY (4/5)

10. LET GO (4/5)

11. SCARED OF THE DARK (4.5/5)

12. ELEVATE (4/5)

13. HOME (4/5)




This soundtrack is fantastic! the combination of soulful and grimy records really caught my attention, but even more importantly, I felt like there was so much timeless-sounding music on it.

I love how the producers of this soundtrack united your favorite artists of today with up and comers like Black Caviar, Thutmose, Coi Leray and more. It made it feel ravenous — something that served well for both the artists that are currently on the top spot, and for the ones that want to get there.

You know what’s funny? A bunch of rappers on this project did a good job of playing crooner — like really good! I am old enough to remember the days when hearing a rapper sing was an anomaly, so to listen to performances like “Sunflower” by Post Malone and Swae Lee, or “Invincible” by Aminè made me smile. True Hip Hop fans, no need to worry, you also get some serious bars from Vince Staples, Ski Mask The Slump God, Denzel Curry and YBN Cordae that are fantastic, feeding your hunger for something so-called real.

In the year of the soundtrack, I can argue with you that this one was the best. The vibes you get on it is consistent, the raps are solid, and the melodies were absolutely top notch. Personally, I cannot see how anyone can hate the project, especially considering the wholesome nature the producers of the movie clearly wanted to give off.

4 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (Soundtrack Review)

    1. Man, you must’ve went to a very generous high school, because I don’t know any grading scale that has an 86% as an A- … if this was the case at mines, I would’ve had a wayyyyyy higher gpa. Anyway, hope you liked the album!

      1. Some schools (take mine for an example) give A- for >85 to 90, and >91 would be an A, and up from there to perfect 100/100 would be A+ but theeeeeeeeeennnnnn the A+ is almost like a myth. So it’s doesn’t always mean generosity.. I guess?

      2. My eyes are wide open right now lol. All the schools I went to went by a > 85-90 = B+, 90-94 = A-, 95-99 = A, and the mythical 99-100 and something = A+ scale. But that was my experiences, and everywhere is different. Appreciate the insight and happy holidays!

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