Logic Makes A Quick Return With “Keanu Reeves” (Review & Stream)


Keanu from The Matrix, or Keanu from those Bill and Ted movies? The difference is major!

Honestly, I don’t know what’s been better: Logic’s beat-selection or his bars.,. Nonetheless, “Keanu Reeves” is a combination of both blazing hot fires that you definitely have to listen to.

As a fan of Logic, I noticed a transformation from a semi-dorky rapper to a cocky one. “Keanu Reeves” highlights this, as he talks nothing but s**t on the track, but does it through serious bars, so you can’t do much but sit back and take the hits. I also like how the DMV spitter f**ks around with many flows, sorta trying s**t out like a homeless man walking through a mall food court. I love when Logic raps like this.

I seriously don’t mean to sound rude, but Logic will forever have an asterisk on his name because he sounds too much like Drake (Jesus).





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