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24hrs Calls On Soulja Boy For “My Valentine” (Review & Stream)

At this point, Soulja Boy’s comeback story needs a TV movie.

Let me get this off my chest now: I believe this song is catered for a nine year old that has a crush on a girl. 24hrs (aka helium man), leads the way on it, singing childishly about some chick he’s feeling.  He does infuse some raunchy lyrics into the fray, too, but it doesn’t it save s**t from sounding immature.

Soulja Boy heard 24hrs’ part and said, “hold my beer.” All jokes aside, his part is pretty bad, as he poorly sings his ass off about having big stacks, a lack of decency to smash a girl in a respectable place, and worst of all, Oreos. Like seriously, WTF?

I don’t want to hear this song again…



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