Welp, Bad Chris has taken over his body again. 

The last couple of releases for Chris Brown were pretty family-friendly, featuring nurturing vibes and chill subject-matters. Today, he flips the switch, creating a new banger called “Wobble Up” that is raw as hell! (Actually, calling it raw wouldn’t be a good idea)

Powered by this bass boomin’/City Girls-esque instrumental, Chris Brown goes ham, singing about getting love from strippers, disgruntled women and anti-condom users. Personally, I f**k with the energy and tempo attached to his verse, which ultimately creates a sing-a-along type sound that is highly infectious (Don’t sing this s**t out loud in most places, though).

Nicki Minaj and G-Eazy are featured on this song, and they both drop blahzay-blahzay verses about loving strippers and dismissing competition (Yawn). I do like how Nicki uses both a new school and old school approach of rapping on her verse, though. (I didn’t like a damn thing about G-Eazy’s verse)

When did G-Eazy become strip club god?