I felt like I took a trip back to the 70’s while I was listening to this song.

Here’s how I see it: There is music that is meant to be listened to at home, and then there’s music that is meant to be listened to in a live setting; Woodfish’s “Damn Thang” is the latter. Not only is it full of adrenaline, but it also forces you to move your feet and  wave your hands uncontrollably, which ultimately makes it feel like you’re working out listening to it.

OK, let me dive a bit deeper into why I think song is great: First and foremost, the instrumental behind it is electrifying. It features zany guitar-play, tumultuous drumming and earth-shattering bass. Over this instrumental, Steve Kalorin, the lead singer of Woodfish, lets loose, gifting the track with a spirited singing performance that perfectly matches the ‘crazy in love’ lyrical content he delivers on the hook and his verses. Personally, I love hearing artists lose their s**t in music, so I enjoyed every second of his contributions.

Sometimes falling in love is uncontrollable, wild and fun; Woodfish cover all those bases on this song.