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Queen Naija Drops The Energetic “Away From U”

Oh s**t, Queen Naija is trying to get her music to end up at a pool party this summer.

Queen Naija is a YouTube sensation, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a top notch singer. After a decent run on American Idol a couple of years ago, she’s been fantastic, releasing a few hits here and there (Medicine and Karma to be exact) for the masses. In my opinion, “Away From U,” the song you see up top, is one of her best to-date.

“Away From U” is fantastic! It features a highly energetic instrumental, a very catchy hook, outstanding melodies and adorable lyrics. However, I thought Queen Naija’s vocal performance on the track was far and beyond the best thing I heard on the song. Not only does she reach pitches higher than Kevin Looney, but she also makes sure to show this level of sunniness/exuberance in her voice that is literally impossible to ignore. Queen, what you hear in the background is applause from me.

My only beef with Queen Naija: She isn’t actually Nigerian.



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