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Kamaiyah Drops “Windows” With Tyga & Quavo


I feel like Kamaiyah has had next for the last ten years.

When it comes to Bay Area rappers, Kamaiyah is at the top of the list, to me. Anytime you hear her on a song, s**t is so authentically west coast, it’s hard for an east coaster like myself to get jiggy with it. Today, the 27 year old rapper decided to release a new single called “Windows,” and as expected, it’s hyphy as s**t, featuring a hard-hitting instrumental, amped up hook and lots of reckless words of wisdom. While Kamaiyah’s contributions on the song are critical to its energy, and featured guest Tyga’s verse is critical to its west coast vibes, I have no f**king clue what Quavo’s purpose is on the track… Oh well, keep getting those west coast checks, young man!

‘Kamaiyah’ is such a beautiful name to give someone.



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