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Matthew Browning Illuminates In “Underneath The Willow Tree”

Matthew, give me my soul back!

Matthew Browning is a talented artist from Colorado Springs, Colorado that relies on his GOD-given ability to sing and write music masterfully.  To be more specific, Matthew is able to shine in a post-progressive rock world, be he also knows how to incorporate composition and formal music theories into the grand scheme of his songs. In “Underneath the Willow Tree,” Matthew literally gives it his all, resulting in a powerful performance that never lets up in passion both instrumentally or vocally.

“Underneath the Willow Tree” isn’t just music, it’s also a cinematic experience. The song is powered by this emotional instrumental that is full of riveting vibes derived by intense guitar/piano-play and tumultuous drumming. Over this instrumental, Matthew sings dramatically, putting himself in the shoes of a woman that is in despair, suffering from heartbreak and emotionally battered. What I find astonishing/breath-taking about this song is the many different emotions you get on it — there’s moments of calmness, moments of booming passion, and even moments of electricity. Throughout, as a listener, you will feel like you’re going on quite the emotional roller-coaster ride, possibly even wiping tears off of your face at the end of it.

Kudos must go to Matthew Browning for this beautiful song. In my opinion, it’s the definition of pushing boundaries in your craft.



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