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BTS & Juice WRLD Link Up For “All Night (BTS World Original Soundtrack, [Pt. 3])”


It’s official: BTS can steal my wife it they wanted to.

Do I even have to explain to you who BTS is? For those who don’t know, they are a super famous South Korean boy band that makes pop, R&B and hip-hop music. In their latest single, “All Night (BTS World Original Soundtrack) [Pt. 3],” the band was able to create this extra smooth track that features tons of swag, hip-hop vibes and infectious melodic efforts. Juice WRLD is also on the track, and what he adds to it is fearlessness and a splash of belligerency/drunk feels. (Weird, but true)

Don’t you get Bruno Mars vibes with this song? The only thing missing is over-singing.



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