Nicki Minaj is back and better than ever, folks!

I’m not the biggest fan of Nicki Minaj’s moves in the music industry. However, when she dabbles in some dance-hall s**t, I think she is box office. In “Megatron,” the self-proclaimed Barbie gives us an infectious tune that is heavy on dance-hall vibes, but still features a few rap moments sprinkled into the grand scheme of things.

If I were to guess, this song will get major burn in clubs world-wide. Not only does Nicki insert several memorable lines into both the hook and her verses, but in terms of the beat, there is way too many times in which it practically begs you to shake your ass to it. Who can say no to a beat that wants you to shake your ass to it?

Anytime you reference drinking in your music, that s**t is bound to be a hit.