Yo, I’m going to need an emergency grind session ASAP!

The highly-talented Jozey isn’t new to The Ratings Game. Just a week ago, he dropped the feel-good “It Gets Better,” and from me, it got rave reviews. This week, he decided to keep the hits coming, releasing “I Like When You” — a song I think is hotter than some plantain oil and/or fish grease.

“I Like When You” is a soothing gem that capitalizes on both reggae and Afro beats vibes. On it, Jozey documents his infatuation with this chick he thinks can ride, grind, drop it low, keep him company and probably cook a bomb ass egusi soup well. While Jozey’s words are near perfection when it comes to getting a girl to feel appreciated and like a star, I believe it’s the melody he delivers, his charisma and calming vocals that powers this song; hell, even my woman got jealous of his woman after listening to it.

Do you need to hear something with summertime vibes? Run this song over and over again. Do you need to hear something that can get you girl to be all over you like some covers? Run this song over and over again…