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Kanye West & Charlie Wilson Join Forces For “Brothers”

Is this an apology track to Jay-Z, folks?

Though Kanye West promised us that his new album titled “Yeezus” was on the way, we haven’t heard much about it these last couple of months. As a result, I’ve been salivating at whatever semblance of music he drops. Today, I’ve reached rock bottom, as I was able to find a one and a half minute snippet of a song he did for Irv Gotti’s ‘Tales’ series floating around the web.

“Brothers” is emotional and classic Kanye West. It features a soulful performance by featured guest Charlie Wilson, and most importantly, straight up bars by Kanye about apologizing to someone (Perhaps Jay-Z) for his reckless/troublesome behavior. Though the version I have up top sounds like it was recorded in a sewer, the vital thing to takeaway from what you will hear is the passion instilled in the song.

I told myself I wasn’t going to cry this morning after watching that Autistic blind kid blow me away on America’s Got Talent last night 🙁





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