Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars are all cut from a 1960’s cloth.

Out of all the features on Ed Sheeran’s upcoming “Collaboration 6” project, the one I was looking forward to hearing from the most was Bruno Mars. In my opinion, Ed and Bruno have similar old school instincts in their music, which means a collaboration between the two could end up in something epic-sounding. Well, surprise, surprise, “BLOW” is epic-sounding!

“BLOW” is a rock-n-roll fan’s dream song. It is powered by this authentic rock instrumental and boisterous vocals by Ed, Bruno and Chris Stapleton. Though the song is centered around sexy women and white lines in limousines (Yikes), my biggest takeaway from listening to it is how kick-ass everyone thinks they are on it… S**t, I feel like I just heard a song by three Marty McFlys!

I want to purchase a mullet after listening to this song! Can black people wear mullets?