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Naaj. Lets His Heart Bleed In “Chaos Freestyle”

Naaj. sounds like he’s hurting bad on this song… Can someone let this man have a bite of your Subway sandwich?

Summer is a very hard time of the year to be a single man. Not only do you have to deal with seeing taken women in shorter clothes when you go out, but you also have to prepare yourself for the idea that you might stay single until at least Winter (That’s when most breakups happen because partners end up getting annoyed by one another once they are snowed in together). With that being said, in “Chaos Freestyle,” it seems like Naaj. is dealing with a breakup situation, and based off of what I heard on it, he’s not taking that s**t well at all…

“Chaos Freestyle” is powered by this soothing instrumental that I can actually picture hearing on an elevator. Over this instrumental, Naaj. sings both heavenly and destructively. Throughout his verses, the frizzy-haired musician tries his hardest to piece together why his ex-chick decided to do him wrong, at times coming across like a bi-polar individual that forgot to take his Zyprexa pills. As a listener, Naaj’s erratic behavior will come across as very intriguing to listen to, especially if he isn’t your neighbor (You never know what someone who’s gone crazy would do to you).

Take a listen to “Chaos Freestyle” at the top of the page! Trust me, calling it an interesting song is beyond an understatement…




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