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Young Thug & Post Malone Unite For “Goodbyes”

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I can argue that Young Thug and Post Malone make better R&B songs than actual R&B singers.

Post Malone is on fire when it comes to making hits. While “Sunflower” and “WOW” are doing numbers on the billboard charts, the Texas singer decided to get greedy and drop another gem in “Goodbyes.”

“Goodbyes” is a break-up song that actually has feel-good vibes attached to it. (I wonder how Post pulled that off?) On it, Post Malone and Young Thug sing passionately and confidently about giving their partners the boot. While I love the melody Post delivers for us (Especially how it fits in with the top-40-ish instrumental that powers the song), I believe it’s Thugger’s fearlessness that takes this song over the edge (I definitely mean that in a good way). On the real, I feel like Thugger actually sounds hurt, while Post sounds ready to get a rebound from the club.

When Post Malone’s voice cracks, I feel like I’m in heaven temporarily.



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