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Skullraiser Gives Us A Blast To The Past With “Reptile MK (The Prequel)”


Skullraiser made updated versions of literally every movie/TV show I loved in my childhood.

Skullraiser is a talented musician that uses his innovative mind to remake/create music inspired by some of our favorite science fiction/horror movies/television shows in the past. In “Reptile MK (The Prequel),” Skullraiser remakes Reptile from Mortal Kombat’s theme song, giving it a bit more edge and an updated feel. If the track doesn’t get you to dance a bit, I guarantee it will get you to bring out your Super Nintendo from that one random closet in your basement!

I recommend you give Skullraiser’s “The Deadlight Zone: The Horror and Scifi Themed Collection” a try. As you scroll through the tracks, I guarantee your mind will be blown.




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