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Greg Smith Opens Up In “What It Is”


Greg Smith loves making music, and in “What It Is,” he gifts us with an easy-going track that’s heavy on country vibes.

Greg Smith is one of those individuals that was put on this earth to make music. Not only has he written and produced nine albums, but in my opinion, he has this aurora to him that screams out music enthusiast. With that being said, on his latest project, “Waiting For The Truth,” Smith gives us something pretty strong sonically. One of the tracks off of the project is “What It Is” — a riveting gem that features an emotional instrumental, numbing vocals by Greg, and lyrical content revolving around finding a way to make yourself feel meaningful when it comes to being in a relationship. Personally, I think the song will draw you in with its hypnotizing feel, and mood-wise, I think it will find a way to calm your nerves and table any of your bad thoughts.

Make sure you check out “What It Is” up top! Also, give Greg’s “Waiting For The Truth” a shot.



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