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Alessia Cara Returns With The Summery “Ready”

Don’t you wish this song had a random ass Jamaican saying “Yea Mon” in the background?

I think Alessia Cara is one of the best pop artists out today. Her voice is so alluring, I tend to get hypnotized by her anytime I hear her sing. In “Ready,” the Canadian singer continues to amaze with her vocals, gifting us with a Caribbean-inspired gem that has her passionately letting her friends and some guy know that she isn’t impressed with their mentalities or immature ways. Listening to the track, one can assume it is about Alessia’s ex-lover Kevin Garrett, but hey, who am I to stir a pot?

If Alessia thinks the people she’s talking about on this song isn’t mature enough for her, I wonder what she’s about to think about my Pokemon card collection I keep in my living room…



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