Rich Homie Quan Drops The R&B-Heavy “Redbone”

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I tell ya, red bones will make you sing your ass off!

Honestly, I’ve enjoyed this new version of Rich Homie Quan a lot! He seems a little more introspective/focused than he’s been in the past, which in my opinion, has resulted in him bringing out some of the best music to-date. With that being said, “Redbone” is one of Rich’s dopest songs to-date.

“Redbone” is pretty smooth. On it, Rich Homie sings passionately about his growth as a man, in addition to his love for both his woman and his gun. Personally, I believe the melody Rich Homie gives us on this song is way too infectious to pass up, especially when you hear how it sounds with the R&B-heavy instrumental he’s served with .



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