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Wembi Delivers A Heartwarming Dedication To “Puerto Rico” In New Song


One thing no one tends to talk much about these days is what happened to Puerto Rico. A couple of years ago, the beautiful island got hit with a catastrophic storm, leaving plenty without homes, and even worse, family members. These days, Puerto Rico is in a rebuilding stage, which is great to see. Wembi touches on PR’s rebuilding stage on his new song, giving us something we can all smile at.

“Puerto Rico” is absolutely beautiful! It is powered by this piano-heavy/guitar-heavy instrumental that does everything it can to invoke tears out of you. Over this instrumental, Wembi sings nothing but heartwarming lyrics about staying positive  when it comes to Puerto Rico’s current state. Personally, I love how every word Wembi spews is honest and authentic, especially when it comes to the picture he paints of the rebuild that is going on in the lovely island as we speak.

Puerto Rico, myself and Ratings Game Music stands by you 100%!



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