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Xero Explains His Roots To The People In “Monster”

The best musicians understand exactly who they are like Xero does.

Xero is a hip-hop/R&B artist originally from Detroit, MI, but is currently based in Charlotte, NC. What I love about him is that his music influences range from Kendrick Lamar to Zepp, which in my opinion, is the reason he is such a versatile artist. In his latest EP, “Zero Cap,” Xero shines by dropping nothing but meaningful music. One of my favorite songs from  “Xero Cap” is “Monster” — a powerful gem with plenty of life lessons and hefty bars.

“Monster” is such a fire ass song! With the production behind it boasting this uplifting sound, Xero lets all the way loose rapping-wise, speaking on his gangsta ways, woke status, and knack for keeping s**t real in the midst of fakeness. What I think listeners of this song will love is how Xero confidently drops his bars throughout it, never flinching when it comes to speaking what he perceives is the absolute truth.

How can we get Xero on Dreamville? Anyone have Cole’s number so I can call him?



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