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Vince Staples Preps His New Show With “So What (Episode 1)”

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The Vince Staples Show > Seinfield

Vince Staples is a hilarious muthaf**ka! With that being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if his new show does numbers. In the meantime, the California rapper decided to release a song in honor of the show called “So What (Episode 1),” and on it, he reminds the world he’s a rapper at heart.

I love the tempo, the weirdness and looseness of “So What (Episode 1).” While Vince talks about some real n***a s**t like being hated on and living by street codes on it, he does rap with this laid-back approach that is pretty dope to listen to. I like laid-back Vince!

I might have to tune in to this Vince Staples show!



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