Pistol For Ringo Rock Out In “Gemini”


Grab your imaginary guitars, fake mullets and athletic┬ásneakers, “Gemini” is a rock-n-roll party!

Pistol For Ringo are a band from Los Angeles that loves rocking out whenever they make music. In “Kings of Bad Behavior,” their latest album, the band electrifies throughout, gifting the world with music that is capable of moving buildings. One of the best songs off of the album is “Gemini” — a hard-hitting rock gem that gave me nostalgic vibes throughout.

“Gemini” is powered by this tumultuous instrumental that combines intense guitar-play with pretty heavy-hitting drumming. Over this instrumental, fans are treated to boisterous vocals and lyrics that tackles breakups head-on. On the real, as a major rock fan, I loved how this song never lacked a single moment of electricity, even though it has a topic behind it that is a bit touchy.

Who needs a Gemini when you can love an Aries!?




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