Jackie Harrington Sings Her Heart Out In “Once In A Lifetime”


Jackie Harrington absolutely memorizes in “Once In A Lifetime!”

Jackie Harrington isn’t a rookie when it comes to making music. For several years now, she’s dropped heartfelt tunes, showing little to no fear in expressing her true self in the process. In “Once In A Lifetime,” one of her latest singles, Jackie does everything in her power to understand the impact true love can have on the soul.

You know what makes “Once In A Lifetime” so special? It’s extra passionate. With the track being powered by this emotional instrumental, Jackie sings heavenly, touching onĀ  everlasting love. As expected, the melody Jackie was able to deliver on this song is infectious, while the harmonizing she does throughout may give you the chills. All in all, Jackie puts up a phenomenal vocal performance on this song!

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