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K-Blitz Talks About His Bi-Polar Relationship In “Toxic Love”


If you’ve ever dealt with a crazy ass lover, this song will hit a chord with you!

I want to start this review off by getting straight to the point: K-Blitz absolutely kills “Toxic Love!” With the track being powered by this bass-heavy instrumental (That also has a splash of mushiness attached to it), the Edmonton rapper shines — not only by opening up to us about his unorthodox relationship, but by also spitting with both this carefree and melodic approach that is too infectious to pass up on. S**t, by the end of this song, you’re going to hope that Blitz’s toxic relationship continues so he can make more dope ass tunes out of it.

So how exactly is K-Blitz’s relationship toxic? According to him, there’s some ideas of cheating going on, a lack of sexual interest, and worst of all, constant fighting. Taking all of those problems into consideration, if the booty is nice, I may not be the right one to grant you a recommendation for leaving your chick, Blitz…

Check out “Toxic Love” at the top of the page! Also, check out the “Toxic Love” remix HERE!



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