Roddy Ricch is low-key one of the most savage n***as in the game.

You know what’s funny? Roddy Ricch is so good at creating melodies and catchy ass hooks/verses, he often times gets away with some of the most reckless lyrics hip-hop has heard in years. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of the s**t Roddy says in “Big Stepper” below:

Yeah, ha ha, perky, perky, dirty soda
Ayy, only talk bags on the Motorola
Ayy, push the Hellcat like an old Corolla
Ayy, I’ma let these racks talk for me nigga
Bitch I done ride with the shooters, ayy
Made my cousin a killer
In the ’15, I was neighborhood drug dealer
I’m so cold hearted, I can’t show no love, nigga
But I fuck that bitch to PARTYNEXTDOOR, “Persian Rugs”, nigga, uh

Kudos to Genius

As usual, you will love how slyly Roddy plows through both the hook and his verses on this song, especially when you consider that the beat that powers it isn’t made out of butter (Even though it is smooth as f**k). You’ll also love how Roddy knows the exact PARTYNEXTDOOR song he smashes b*tches to, too.