Logic continues to get realer than Daryl Morey in his music.

Logic is a musician that struggles with fame. In his music, he often talks about social media bullying, peer pressure, and overcoming depressing thoughts. In “OCD,” the DMV rapper continues to let the world know about a bunch of things he’s struggling with inside and how it has had an effect on his mental:

We can make bread, tryna be the greatest, that shit been dead
I’m tryna be the happiest that I can be instead
I’m tryna get ahead like a fetus, money don’t complete us
Or defeat us, it can lead us to depression
Bein’ rich is not a blessin’, fame is not a blessin’
Wasn’t ’til I was rich and famous I learned that lesson
What’s the meanin’ of life? To live it, what I’m guessin’, yeah

“OCD” has very pleasant vibes, as it features a serene instrumental and squeaky soothing vocals from featured guest Dwn2Earth. Lyrically, things are a little more intense, but not enough to mess up the flow of the song.

If a bunch of people called me “the worst rapper in the world,” I would be depressed, too.