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Camila Cabello – Romance (Album Review)


Camila Cabello tries to take another leap towards pop superstardom with the release of “Romance!”





Revenge is sweet, especially when it’s served on a ferocious musical dish like “Cry Me!”

“Cry Me” is powered by this funky pop instrumental that I could see Gwen Stefani absolutely slaying. Over this instrumental, Camila turns into evil Camila, as she attacks her ex-lover’s rebound, her ex-lover’s libido, and her ex-lover’s piece of mind utilizing this untamed style of singing on both her verses and the hook to the song.

To make a long story short, I think “Cry Me” is a lot of fun to listen to. Not only is it tangy musically, but it also features pretty explosive lyrics.

I can hear Ariana Grande hearing this song, and right after, saying, “Hold My Beer.”




“Living Proof” sounds vibrant, passionate, and hella kick-ass! With the track revolving around the impact a true connection with someone can have, Camila lets loose, singing both daringly and freely throughout. On some real s**t, I gained a little more respect for ‘Mila’s gangsta listening to this song.

How can we get Normani on a remix to “Living Proof?”




In “Liar,” Camila Cabello shines brighter than the sun by dropping off something for us that features an islandy instrumental (That also has tons of funk attached to it), plenty of sultry lyrics, and a vocal performance that is Jessie Reyez-esque. Content-wise, “Liar” tackles the idea of accepting something that isn’t necessarily the greatest thing for you (ie. 711 Hot-dogs)… We’ve all been there before, right?

Only a woman can call herself a “liar” and get away with it.




The first thing that catches my attention about “Shameless” is the deranged energy attached to it. On the song, from start to finish, you get a version of Camila that sounds sloppy-drunk, unchained, and a bit messy. When you mix the three shades of Camila I just mentioned, what you get is a slapdash concoction that is quite the acquired taste.

Though we get crazy Camila on “Shameless,” we also get a version of Camila that reaches a mountaintop vocally and taps deeply into her sensual side lyrically.




I think “Senorita” is one of the most annoying songs I’ve ever heard in my life… (I respect the song’s romantic nature, though).

“Senorita” is powered by this cheesy island instrumental that you would probably hear on a PG-13 porno. Over this instrumental, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello sing gleefully about each other’s touch, loving ways, and thirst. While the idea of the song would make a linebacker want to puke, it’s way too infectious/heartwarming to not call intriguing. (The chemistry between Camila and Shawn is outstanding on the song, too)


1. SHAMELESS (5/5)



4. MY OH MY (4/5)

5. SENORITA (5/5)

6. LIAR (5/5)


8. EASY (4/5)

9. FEEL IT TWICE (4.5/5)

10. DREAM OF YOU (4/5)

101 CRY FOR ME (4.5/5)

12. THIS LOVE (4.5/5)

13. USED TO THIS (4/5)

14. FIRST MAN (4/5)




If we don’t poison Camila Cabello with Hollywood bulls**t, she could have a shot at being one of the greatest singers to ever do it! At the age of 22, she already has one grammy under her belt, and after releasing the very impressive “Romantic,” I can see another one coming soon…

So what makes Camila Cabello such a special artist? Most importantly, I believe she has an amazing voice. Not only can she reach high vocal ranges, but she also knows how to treat her voice like a yoyo, doing all kinds of tricks with it. In “Romance,” you get to hear a few of Camila’s vocal tricks, as throughout, she makes her voice sound desperate and inebriated, lethargic and sobering, timeless and vintage-sounding, and even funky and exhilarating. In other words, as a singer, there is nothing that Camila cannot do on a song.

If you plan on going to Spider Kellys in Clarendon, VA this weekend, expect to hear several of Camila’s hits (Especially “Shameless,” “Senorita,” “Living Proof,” “Liar,” and “My Oh My). When it’s all said and done, “Romance” features hits that are timeless, festive, and bar-loving.

While Camila deserves most of the kudos for releasing “Romance,” kudos must also go to writers and producers such as Benny Blanco, Cashmere Cat, Frank Dukes, Mattman and Robin, Ryan Tedder, and more! What Camila’s supporting cast was able to do was create a body-of-work that forces you to drown in it, even though you can gasp up for air whenever you want to (aka press stop on the album). In other words, “Romance” is a hypnotizing album that plenty of genius music minds contributed to.

At 22, Camila Cabello has managed to create two albums that are simply hard to forget. If you are a fan of music that is dynamic and high-octane, you will love “Romance” like it’s one of your kids.

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