You will feel good about yourself listening to this song.

Yajna is one of those singers that understands how to make music that you can both hear and feel! Not only is her voice outstanding, but lyrically, she tends to gift us with words that are beyond meaningful! With that being said, in Yajna’s newest single titled “Femenomenal, Pt. 2 Trilogy of the Rising Phoenix,” she shines bright by blessing us with something that is beyond refreshing!

“Femenomenal, Pt. 2 Trilogy of the Rising Phoenix” is such a pure song! With it being powered by a smooth/feel-good instrumental, Yajna gleams by blessing us with vocals that are both daring and passionate, and lyrics that are both powerful and inspirational. Honestly, every moment of the song feels like food for both the soul and the ears.

Yajna definitely has one of the better voices I’ve ever heard.