My favorite trap preacher looks to make “HIStory” in his latest album.




5. 7.62

In 7.62, YFN Lucci plays zero games.

7.62 is powered by this soulful/hard-hitting instrumental that does its job in f**king speaker systems up. Over this instrumental, YFN spits tough ass bars centered around stuntin’, hustling, and shooting ops up (I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to rhyme).

Though YFN sounds slightly melodic in 7.62, for the most part, he hurls out his bars aggressively on the track. Did I tell you that I love when YFN sounds both melodic and aggressive?

I have no clue what 7.62 means, but if I were to guess, the numbers have something to do with guns and government cheese.




I love YFN’s performance on Date Night! I f**k with the carefree approach he uses singing-wise on the track, his nonchalant lyrics about doing some reckless things with/to his girlfriend on his verses, and the smooth ass instrumental that he sings over (I know he didn’t create the instrumental, but f**k it, he picked it, right?).




Though One Day has these feel-good vibes attached to it, for the most part, YFN Lucci and featured guest Trouble spit hard as hell on the track: Not only do they question their ops’ gangsta on their respective verses, but they also proclaim themselves to be the realest in their respective hoods, too (I have no interest in validating these claims).

I f**k with songs that feature gentle instrumentals and hardcore rapping.




Trouble and YFN Lucci are two of Atlanta’s most underrated rappers. In my opinion, when both speak, they tend to talk about some real ass s**t. With that being said, in Nasty, Trouble and YFN trade bars about everything from ballin’ on n***as to shooting n***as up for disrespect. While YFN blesses us with more of a melodic approach on his lone verse on the song, Trouble sounds like a straight-up goon on his, as he spits out his bars like an absolute villain.




If you love ratchet music, you will love Shake Summ!

Shake Summ is powered by this club-ready instrumental that I guarantee will get you to shake your ass. Over this instrumental, City Girls gift us with a catchy/ratchet ass hook, while YFN Lucci and Yo Gotti bless us with tough ass verses in which they let the world know about their love for sexy ass women that are cheap and freaky (Where the hell can you find women like that at?).

I can see this track getting major burn at Stadium in DC.


1. 7.62 (4/5)

2. LONELY (3/5)

3. VVS (3/5)

4. ARE YOU WITH ME (4/5)

5. NASTY (3/5)


7. DATE NIGHT (4/5)

8. BIG OLE (3/5)


10. CARE MAN (3/5)

11. LET ME DOWN (3/5)

12. ONE DAY (3/5)

13. AMERICA (2/5)

14. LET ME KNOW (3/5)

15. HIStory (3/5)

16. SHAKE SUMM (3/5)




YFN Lucci is the definition of a real ass artist! He doesn’t quite do anything to blow you away singing/rapping-wise, he just spills his heart out on songs. In HIStory, YFN doesn’t nail the hooks or choruses that he delivers, nor does he gift us with bars that are outstanding; what he does is combine emotional trap instrumentals with bars that only the realest can feel; isn’t that enough for you to at least be intrigued by the album?