Gucci Mane plays quite the reckless Santa in “East Atlanta Santa 3.”





I know, the hook attached to More sounds a bit blah (Jason DeRulo sounds so basic on it), but for the most part, it’s still catchy. As for Gucci Mane, he shines on More by coming across like a boss lyrically and riding the club-ready beat that powers the track well.

Holy s**t, on Jason Derulo’s verse on More, he sounds like Chris Brown! (I knew Jason and Chris were the same person!)




I love when Atlanta rappers unite! In She Miss Me, Gucci Mane and Rich The Kid join forces to create a cold-ass banger that features lyrics that would make even the most ruthless gold-digger feel uncomfortable.

I f**k with the topic behind She Miss Me (It revolves around the complexities that come with f**king a chick that you don’t see very often), the simple/catchy hook Gucci gifts us with on the track, and how Rich The Kid sounds like one of those gitty ass kids that just realized Santa is real on the track.

I’m not going to lie, Gucci Mane and Rich The Kid sound like pervs on this track.



3. MR. WOP

Holy s**t, Gucci Mane got Cruella De Vil to be on Mr. Wop!? (This n***a really is the GOAT!)

Mr. Wop is pretty f**king dope! I love the bizarre ass hook and trill ass raps you get on the track. I also love the fact that the track reminds me of Gucci’s Lemonade song from back in the day (Especially production-wise).

Dare I say Mr. Wop is one of Gucci’s most creative songs ever? (Don’t do it, Q!)




Jingle Bales Intro is a tough ass banger that sorta sounds like Jingle Bells, but definitely sounds like some trap-inspired s**t you would hear on every MLK Blvd in America.

Initially, Jingle Bales Intro will sound like a complete joke to you, but as it plays on, I guarantee you will think it’s at least an entertaining joke! Seriously, how can you not be entertained by Gucci Mane’s reckless lyrics about getting laid and dealing drugs on Christmas?

Even during the holidays, Gucci Mane can’t leave the white alone…




WOO WEE, Tony is so f**king trill! With the track being powered by this cold ass instrumental, Gucci and featured guest Quavo go ham, hurling out bars about hunting down ops, ducking cops, selling drugs, and rocking diamonds we probably can’t afford.

Tony is way too catchy, gangsta, Migo-ish, and cinematic to ignore.



2. MR. WOP (3.5/5)

3. M’S ON ICE (3/5)

4. DRUMMER (2.5/5)

5. MORE (3.5/5)

6. MAGIC CITY (2/5)

7. DIRTY DANCER (2.5/5)

8. SNOW (2.5/5)

9. SHE MISS ME (3.5/5)

10. BRICK MASON (3.5/5)

11. TONY (4.5/5)

12. GOSSIP (3.5/5)

13. TIME FLIES BY (3/5)

14. SLIDE (3/5)

15. 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS (3/5)

16. WWGD (3/5)




In East Atlanta Santa 3, you get to hear singers that sound like they were picked off of the street, a version of Gucci Mane that is savage as s**t, and bizarre club bangers… MERRY CHRISTMAS, GUCCI MANE FANS!

For those of you that haven’t heard any of Gucci Mane’s 10345 albums, let me explain to you what type of rapper he is: Gucci Mane is the type of rapper that relies on this boss-like persona to carry him to the finish-line of songs. Can he ride a beat or hit us with punchlines that are clever from time to time? Absolutely! But that’s not what makes him special. With that being said, in East Atlanta Santa 3, Gucci mainly relies on his boss-like demeanor to get by. None of the verses he drops on the album are outstanding rapping-wise (Well, I liked his verse on Tony), but they are pretty damn appealing.

Surprisingly, I thought all the guest appearances on East Atlanta Santa 3 were solid! To me, Jason was entertaining on More, Rich The Kid had a solid verse on She Miss Me, Quavo was great on Tony, and Asian Doll was… well… I have no clue how she did on the song because I pressed skip after listening to thirty seconds of it…

The production on East Atlanta Santa 3 was beyond blah, to me. Yes, I enjoy trap beats just like you do, but Gucci has come out with so many f**king albums, some of the beats he’s rapping over these days sound like s**t I’ve heard him rap over before. (Can someone ask Gucci to reach out to other kinds of producers)

So, I know you are wondering why I picked songs like Jingle Bales, Mr. Wop, and More as some of the top songs on this album. Well, they were the most unique ones, to me. At this point, as a reviewer, I’ve heard every kind of song Gucci Mane is capable of making, so when I hear traditional Gucci tracks like Gossip and Brick Mason, I’m numb to that s**t. On the real, at this point in my life, I have Gucci fatigue…