I love Tyler, The Creator!

I think it’s safe to say that Tyler, The Creator is an A-list musician now. In my opinion, if you are an A-list musician, you can do whatever the f**k you want on songs. In Group B, Tyler does whatever the f**k he wants.

Group B is powered by this soulful instrumental that never truly gets started. Over this instrumental, Tyler spits tough ass bars about his weak competition and winning ways:

Niggas like, “Act ya age, T, you trippin'”
Pushin’ 30, but the skin say different, well
If I act my last deal, I’m prolly 12
Niggas on, nigga set a lob
Then they hurt themselves, niggas Cheddar Bob
Foot is on the gas, I ain’t letting off (Skrrt)
Every car is gas, pissing Greta off
And they Group B and the leather soft
And I knew the cow, and he better off dead

Kudos to Genius!

Initially, Tyler sounds offbeat on Group B, but eventually, he gets on track (I’m so fed up with you young whipper-snappers being offbeat on songs).

Don’t forget, Tyler is one of the best spitters in the game when he wants to be!