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2 Chainz Returns With “Somebody Needs To Hear This”

2 Chainz is rap’s realest (SN: I just realized that ’realest’ is not a real word)!

Lowkey, 2 Chainz dropped one of the best albums of 2019 in Rap Or Go To The League (I just forgot that it came out this year). Based on his new track titled Somebody Need To Hear This, I don’t see the Atlanta rapper slowing down in 2020.

Somebody Needs To Hear This is powered by a very soulful instrumental. Over it, 2 Chainz spits unapologetically about doing shows in Fendi stores, not fitting in Aventadors, and counting money until he gets bored. As usual, Chainz’s punchlines on the song are astute and his demeanor is as easygoing as it gets.

2 Chainz is 42 years old, yet he looks only 41! (Tell me your anti-aging secrets, Mr. Chainz!)




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