J. Cole Predicted He Would Dominate The Rap Game In “Grown Simba” (TBT)

Young Cole turned into a man on “Grown Simba!”

I’ll never forget the day that I proclaimed J. Cole to be one of the best rappers I’ve ever heard in my life (It was in 2009 after a long ass night of drinking). My evidence revolved around hard-hitting songs like Lights Please and Who Dat in which he came across like a n***a that wanted success bad! After listening to Grown Simba for the first time, I knew Cole was the truth with cheese in the middle!

Grown Simba is powered by this complex/soulful instrumental that will make you say hallelujah and g*ddamn at the same time! Over this instrumental, Cole raps like his life depended on it, dropping bars about his obsession with being great, his stroke-game, and his intent on carrying Fayetville on his back:

Now I was dreaming ’bout a deal at the age of thirteen
I was fiending for the mills, I ain’t talking Burger King
Some of my niggas in the Ville, all they did was serve fiends
Fuck scales, I had skills, all day rehearsing
Them pretty boys had them gals, spent they time flirting
All they wanted was some waves like they fucking surfing
Hold up now, don’t get it twisted, I ain’t hating, do your thing
I was like a young Simba; couldn’t wait to be the king

Though you get some outstanding punchlines from Cole in Grown Simba, for the most part, his rapping on the song is pretty straight-forward. No, he doesn’t use any tricky flows or complicated wordplay, he simply hurls out his bars like a dude that is teaching a class full of hungry lions.

Cole practically did everything he said he would, right?



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