070 Shake clearly took a Delorean from 2040 to 2020.

070 Shake, someone who I consider a Kid Cudi reincarnate, is prepping to release her new album titled Modus Vivendi really soon! On it, I expect to hear music that is out-of-this-worldly. Guilty Conscience, the latest release off of the upcoming albumis out-of-this-worldly and then some!

Guilty Conscience is powered by this futuristic beat that has some hard-hitting elements attached to it. Over this beat, 070 Shake sings fearlessly about catching a cheater in the act and waiting for karma to hit them:

Five A.M. when I walked in (Walked in)
Could not believe what I saw, yeah (Saw, yeah)
You on another one’s body (Body)
Ghosts of the past came to haunt me (Haunt me)
I caught you but you never caught me (Caught me)
I was sitting here waiting on karma (Karma)
There goes my guilty conscience (Conscience)
There goes my guilty conscience (Conscience)

Kudos to Genius!

Though Guilty Conscience is somber as s**t, I do find the chorus to it catchy and the instrumental to it exhilarating.