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YBN Nahmir Gets Heinous In “Talkin”

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YBN Nahmir is my favorite anti-hero in the rap game.

I’m someone that is pretty high on YBN Nahmir. Unfortunately, in 2019, he didn’t quite live up to expectations. Today, the Alabama rapper has decided to get his 2020 started off right by releasing the very tenacious “Talkin.”

“Talkin” features this sinister instrumental that I can see Freddy Krueger boppin’ his head to. On YBN’s contributions to the song, he doesn’t quite sound like Freddy, but he is still savage as s**t! Not only does he rap explosively about smoking n***as but he also comes across like a greedy/rich pipsqueak that is willing to rob us for fun (Go ahead and rob me, I only got five stinky ass dollars in my wallet).

YBN looks no more than 13 years old, yet he talks major s**t.


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