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Justin Bieber Releases “Get Me” With Kehlani


Justin Bieber & Kehlani


Stop acting like Bieber’s music doesn’t slap!

Justin Bieber is known for making pop music, but as of late, he’s been tapping into his R&B side. “Get Me,” his latest single, is so R&B-ish, I would lowkey call it neo-soulish instead.

“Get Me” is powered by this very hypnotizing instrumental. Over it, Justin Bieber and featured guest Kehlani both sing passionately about understanding one another’s emotions, touch, vibes, and chipotle preferences.

You know what I love most about “Get Me?” The lyrics and the vocal performances you get on it feel both raw and organic.

Believe it or not, Justin Bieber is older than Kehlani…


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