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Jadakiss Releases “Kisses To The Sky” With Rick Ross & Emanny


Jadakiss, Rick Ross & Emanny


Anytime Jadakiss and Rick Ross link up, they be on some Mr. Deeds s**t.

In this world we live in, there are ‘ballers’ and ‘big spenders’; Rick Ross and Jadakiss are ‘big spenders.’ (The difference between ‘ballers’ and ‘big spenders’  is that ballers act like big money purchases are amazing, while ‘big spenders’ spend money like that s**t is nothing) With that being said, “Kisses To The Sky” gives listeners a glimpse of how ‘big spenders’ move, as, in the song, Jadakiss and Rick Ross spit precise/luxurious bars about flying all over the globe, spoiling chicks, and hiring hitters.

Emanny sounds like a poor man’s Ne-Yo.

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