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Listen To DaBaby Spaz In “Shut Up”




DaBaby is Pac with a fifth of Hennessy in his system.

Let’s just be real: DaBaby is a cocky muthaf**ka! The good news is that he backs up his cockiness with wins. With that being said, in “Shut Up,” his latest single, Baby gloats like a n***a that thinks he’s the second coming of Jesus.

The beat attached to “Shut Up” has a nice little bop and some serious flute action. As for DaBaby, on his verses to the song, he raps brashly about performing shows worldwide, stiff-arming paparazzi, being woke to vultures, smashing the baddest of chicks, and spending money like a black Montana Max.

As listeners, why do we tolerate being talked down on by rappers so much? That s**t is depressing.


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