Matthew L. Farris

Matthew goes toe-to-toe with his demons in “Rose Colored Glasses.”

Matthew L. Farris is such an interesting artist, to me. Since his middle school days, the Chicago native has gone through quite the musical journey (He’s been in a duo, has released a few solo projects, and has even had bubbling songs). He has also had his fair share of life-changing experiences. In “Rose Colored Glasses,” Matthew lets us know about some of those experiences while dropping impressive rhymes and a memorable hook in the process.

Sorry for cursing, but I think “Rose Colored Glasses” is deep as s**t! With the song boasting this passionate instrumental that gives off both lonely and hard-hitting vibes, Matthew opens up, rapping feverishly about being broke, dealing with depression, and fighting back the urge to abuse recreational drugs. While I absolutely love the tongue-twisting flow our fearless hero gifts us with throughout the song, I think it is his intricate lyrics that catch my attention the most — what they do is paint a vivid picture of an individual that is simply trying to find happiness in his life. (Who can’t relate to such a  message?)

If you are going through some things in your life, “Rose Colored Glasses” will certainly resonate with you! Make sure you listen to the song at the top of the page. Also, stay tuned for Matthew L. Farris’ “Tell-Tale Heart EP;” it releases March 7th.