Keke Palmer


Which one of ya’ll drank Keke Palmer’s apple juice?

While I rather see Keke Palmer acting, I do think she is beyond solid when it comes to music-making. With that being said, I think her new single titled “Virgo Tendencies” is one of her best songs to-date.

“Virgo Tendencies” is both juicy and infectious. With the track boasting an instrumental that has serene vibes and a helluva bop attached to it, Keke lets loose, passionately singing about a relationship in which s**t went sourer than two-month-old milk. While the twenty-six-year-old does come across as a bit untamed in the song lyrically, she does gift us with a melody and a hook that is as pleasing as it gets.

Keke done made a 5-star song, ya’ll! (I’m appalled, too)