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Arizona Zervas & Swae Lee Unite For “Roxanne (Remix)”

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Arizona Zervas & Swae Lee


Does Arizona Zervas have any other hits?

I’m not going to lie, the success of “Roxanne” rubs me the wrong way… If you were to search the world wide web right now, what you will find is a bunch of songs similar to “Roxanne” that were made by artists like MADEINTYO & SmokePurpp. However, some dude named Arizona Zervas was able to get his version of “Roxanne” to be played on pop stations worldwide (No one else has been able to do this). S**t isn’t fair, I get it, but dammit, I’m tired of black hip-hop culture being abused and treated like prostitutes! With that being said, I do like “Roxanne,” and now that Swae Lee, yet another artist that would make a song like “Roxanne,” was added to the remix to it, I like it even more.

I’m sorry to rant, but black artists always get swindled.

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