Keke Palmer & TK Kravitz


Keke, I ain’t mad, I just want a text back!

Keke Palmer is the female Nick Cannon. Not only is she an actress, but she also hosts a television show (Strahan, Sara, and Keke) and makes music these days. Today, Keke has decided to cater to her latter career by dropping a new single titled “Got Em Mad.”

Last week, Keke released a song called “Virgo Tendencies” that I thought was pretty dope, mainly because she got really vulnerable on it. “Got Em Mad” is the exact opposite of “Virgo Tendencies,” as, this time around, over this hard-hitting club beat, Keke opts to go back and forth with featured guest TK Kravitz on some sly, swaggerful, and trill s**t:

I been movin’ alone, I ain’t never need no one
Count on nobody but me
Now a nigga think he could come round
Tellin’ me he’ll hold me down
That ain’t gon’ satisfy a thing
Bae, I know you know what I’m about
That’s why you thought approachin’ me
Was the best thing for you
You tryna come up off-key
So I play like I can’t see
That’s why I got you mad at me, yeah

Kudos to Genius!

Personally, I don’t think a song like “Got Em Mad” takes much skill to make. With that being said, the song does indicate that Keke has a lot of different tricks in her bag.