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Drake Surprises Folks With “Chicago Freestyle”

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Drake & Giveon


Last night, Drake dropped two new tracks for us; “Chicago Freestyle” was one of them.

“Chicago Freestyle” feels like an old school Drake song, to me. Not only does the instrumental attached to it sound like something you would hear on Take Care, but Drake also uses flows that seem a bit ancient on the song. Whatever the case may be, the Toronto rapper does talk about brand new issues he has with his personal relationships and fame on his verses on the song (Read below):

What numbers do I still have?
Who do I know from the past?
Hit one, she say she got a man
Hit another one, it goes green
Must’ve changed phones on the team
‘Member when you lead me in between?
That was 2017
All good, Chubbs’ll look around
Find one that seem my type
That my dawg and he know what I like
He done found me plenty in my life
Problem is, I meet a girl tonight
Then I go and treat her too nice
Galleria credit card swipes
I don’t even know if she a wife

Kudos to Genius!

“Chicago Freestyle” also features a dude in Giveon that sounds nearly identical to Sampha. (Giveon, I suggest you lawyer up)

I love it when Drake acts super light-skinned!

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