Reason, Ab-Soul & Boogie Unite For “Trapped In”


Reason, Ab-Soul & Boogie


TDE’s supporting cast delivers an absolute banger for us.

Do you know what I love most about TDE? Each member in the group has a level of trillness to them that is hard to ignore. With that being said, in “Trapped In,” Reason and Ab-Soul (Along with Boogie) display ungodly levels of trillness.

“Trapped In” is powered by this bass boomin’ instrumental that has tons of gangsta vibes attached to it. Over it, Reason blesses us with a gritty-ass verse about his hood-certified ways, while Boogie and Ab-Soul come across like wise street n***as that have seen it all on their respective verses. All in all, “Trapped In” is gutter and features some very impressive rapping.

You can take the kid out of the hood, but you damn sure can’t take the hood out of the kid.

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